The Climate Action Platform helps
scenario plan for cost-effective innovations.

Owned by the sustainability team, but used by all functions. The new way to operationalise your sustainability strategy, connect it to financials & business growth and get buy in on the targets and projects, faster, better & cheaper.

It helps you gather climate positive ideas from partners, teams & suppliers, compare and simulate the cost & climate impact towards 2030 targets in minutes with a bank of ideas & emission factors from global validated data sources.

Present your business case with innovative climate solutions for stakeholders in 30 sec and get decision straight away!

Unibloom App

Why Unibloom

Unibloom digitise scattered climate projects, targets & budgets from spread sheets and power points into one place for all departments. The tool automate project calculations, optimise & scenario plan projects climate & cost impact. It empower all departments to understand their business plans impact on the climate targets & help make better investments faster.

Key Benefits

Focused Info
No more chasing of scattered information
Cost and climate impact
No more guessing of cost vs climate impact & benefits
Easy language & visualisation for everyone to understand

How it works

Get financially viable sustainability insights in minutes, not months or years

Unibloom’s platform empower sustainability teams to work better, faster & cheaper with all departments to present simple visualisation and scenarios for decision makers with investment and business cases integrated in the climate choices to hit 2030 climate targets on time, in full.

Upload your GHG baseline or LCA data

We import your data from Excel or carbon accounting systems in a day. If you don't have the baseline, we can help with that.

Upload Data
Engage All Departments: Find, create or import climate projects with automated cost & climate calculations

We have a library of science-based climate projects for all departments to choose from to help each department identify innovative solutions automated calculated.

Engage All Departmens
Simulate scenarios & visualise impact of all projects towards targets

Select the projects and compare with new innovative ideas. Import business cases. Compare how they could impact your sustainability goals and the costs associated with them.

Simulate Scenarios
Adapt projects, targets and costs regulations or business targets change

Connect all the projects and link it to the targets. See how they impact the climate & cost strategy. All emission factors and project data are aligned with sciences, licensed and integrated into the software.

Adapt Projects
Act by visualise financial & climate impact easy for decision makers, implement & track progress

Share the projects  & scenarios with relevant departments & stakeholders, track progress of both cost & climate impact & adapt to business changes.

Visualise Financial Impact

Why Unibloom?

Get all teams to own their climate action plan

Connect with business forecasts, financials and adapt when business change

Team Accountability


Team accountability

Our platform include a science-based KPI framework for climate targets, automated emission and cost calculations, and integration of climate projects with financial KPIs. We also link departments to projects, provide sector-relevant ideas, and offer a template for sharing climate innovations.


Optimise Climate and Cost

Plan & Simulate scenarios

Optimise climate & cost

Make data-driven choices with automated impact assessment. Visualise the real-time gap between targets, financials, and climate projects, with bulk upload from various departments.


Easy Change the Plan


Easy change the plan

Use our project template with integrated emission and cost calculations, linking all departments and people, and adapt targets and data to stay agile with a contingency bank of alternative projects.


Confident Decision Making


Confident decision making

Visualise the climate and cost impact of each project and overall targets, highlighting gaps to influence leadership, with easy-to-use templates for idea generation and adapting targets. Create reports effortlessly for different functions and presentations


Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Our team has already helped several Nasdaq listed companies to get all climate actions and investments into one place. Read our customer stories and join them.

Talk to one of our data scientists, sustainability & climate experts with backgrounds from Ben & Jerry's, Unilever, University College of London, Amnesty, Deloitte, BCorps & Bloomberg to learn more before you try us out!

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